Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Food + Art + Music = Must Attend Event

Foodies, art + cultural enthusiasts...this event is for you!

StreetFood Artistry

Sunday, August 11th 
1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
Zhou B. Art Center 
1029 W. 35th, Chicago  
Bridgeport’s premier Art District

I am looking forward to being a part of the Blogger Lounge at this years StreetFood Artistry. There will be great food, lots of art, music and more. Hopefully cute boys too ;) We all know that is one of my priorities so don't act shocked! Anyhow, I just looked at their first press release and there are some great food vendors already signed up and I hear there will be more! So far they've got Curried, Jerk 312 (sounds like the guys I date), The Getta Polpetta, Baby Cakes, Puffs of Doom, Herby Pop, Gigi's Bake Shop, and more!

Check out the video to see just how awesome this event looks. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Personal August Challenge

During the month of August I will not be drinking pop or eating any fast food. I don't even know if I really like pop. I know I drank it a lot at my last job because I was free. Left the job and now I'm leaving pop :) Also, leaving fast food behind. I maybe get it 3-5 times a month. Shouldn't be too hard to axe out. I'm writing this really boring post because I know that if this challenge is out to the public I have to actually do it!! 

This is all a part of my goal to cut all the crap out. I plan to do some juicing. I enjoy healthy food so I want to just cleanse myself by getting rid of some useless calories. 

If you've ever done a food challenge of cleanse let me know how it worked out for you! Cross your fingers and wish me luck. 

Candy Crush Addict

Hi, my name is Nycole and I am addicted to Candy Crush....

Here is the thing though. I do not plan on stopping! This game was a brilliant idea. Somehow it gets you completely addicted to the point where you start to spend money. I have spent $10. Yes, I am embarrassed about it but I did it so deal with it.

Before I left my last job I would hand my phone to my co-worker to help me pass a level that was giving me trouble. He was about ten levels ahead of me at all times so he helped me pass at least two levels that I was stuck on. Well now that I've left that horrible place I no longer have a Candy Crush partner in crime. I will say I am grounding myself from spending more money on this. Please pray for my sanity.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bling It On! With Hpnotiq: Submit Your Glammest Look To Win The Handbag Of Your Choice

I'm excited to announce my special collaboration with Hpnotiq to bring you a very GLAM contest! Do you love glam things? From now until July 28th 2013, Hpnotiq wants you to show them how you GLAM LOUDER to win fab prizes! Submit photos of the glammest head to toe look you can find. Entries can be pictures you snap yourself or images you find online. 

When you think "glam", what comes to mind? For me, being glam embodies so many different things. It is an entire look, feel and aura. Glam is sexy, charming, classing, alluring and even romantic. When I hear the word glam, I immediately think Charlize Theron. She is glamorous at all times! I have chosen a few of her best looks. My favorite is the long white dress! 

Ready to Bling It On!? 

Hpnotiq wants to see how you pull it all together for a chance to win the ultimate accessory: the handbag of your choice valued at up to $1000For this round they’re choosing 4 lucky winners to spend up to $1,000 on the fabbest bag they can find to compliment their glammest look! If you’re one of the 4 winners, you’ll also be able to compete in the final round for a chance to win the grand prize trip for you and three friends to go shopping with a celebrity Los Angeles! Even better - the grand prize winner will star in a professional photo shoot for the chance to be in a real Hpnotiq Ad!

to Enter:

Hpnotiq’s Glammest Look Challenge is going on RIGHT NOW - but hurry – the entry period for the glammest head to toe look ends at 11:59:59 a.m. EST on July 28th

Here's How to Enter:
Before you enter make sure to read the full contest rules here

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 
I was so happy to be a part of this contest, because I can say I have been a fan of the Hpnotiq brand since college. I can remember my junior year in 2003, friends traveled an hour to get this new drink! It was love at first taste. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Favorite Treat - Red Mango Super Biotic Smoothies

The Fourth of July holiday weekend was quite warm and toasty here in Chicago. Perfect weather to get me out and about with friends during my four day stay-cation. By the time Sunday rolled around, I had had enough fun for an entire army and it was time to run errands and roll up my sleeves to get some work done. With the sun shining in my window Sunday afternoon I couldn't help but crave a quick break outside in the warm weather. Trying the new Super Biotic Smoothies at Red Mango turned out to be the perfect excuse to get me out of the house.

As soon as I walked into Red Mango West Loop, I was greeted by the owner, Irfan Moten. This was my first Red Mango experience, so it was nice to be greeted and brought up to speed with the process. I let Irfan know I there to try their new super biotic smoothies. Quite frankly everything on the menu looked awesome, so I was stumped! No worries. Right away, Irfan started asking me what types of flavors I liked to help me make the difficult decision. After getting a run down of my favorite flavors he recommended the Pomegranate Protector. The name alone sold me but then I looked at the ingredients and I was pumped. The Pomegranate Protector is made with yogurt, pomegranate, acai, blueberry, banana, and green tea extract. 

My first taste of the Pomegranate Protector was heaven. You could just tell how fresh the ingredients were. I also loved the punch of green tea taste that you get in every sip. I sat down to enjoy my smoothie and continued to talk to the Irfan about his new Red Mango location. This is only his second month being opened in the West Loop. He and his father opened the shop together, which is amazing! Nothing better than working with family. As we spoke, I asked about some of the other smoothie and their flavors. Little did he know I was already planning my second and third trips so that I could try more smoothies. Irfan was awesome and gave me a taste of the Just Kidd'n Lil' PB Cup! The Just Kidd'n menu is has kid specific smoothies with no boosts. It was extremely good and very light for kids. I love that Red Mango has a kids menu, so that parents don't have to guess what is and isn't ok for their kids to have. I was pretty pumped to hear that the Red Mango West Loop location is going to be adding things like kale and spinach in the future as well. Red Mango really is entering the smoothie world with a bang! Their smoothies are superior to that of Jamba Juice, which I have always found to taste very sugary.

While enjoying my smoothie, I took an opportunity to look around the shop and read all of their signage. The reoccurring theme that I saw everywhere was Super Biotics, which also so happens to be in the name of the new smoothies. My curiosity led me to Google, where I found a simple explanation by Red Mango founder, Dan Kim

"At Red Mango, we fortify all of our frozen yogurt and yogurt-based smoothies with a special type of probiotics called Super Biotics," said Dan Kim, founder and chief concept officer of Red Mango. "They're super because unlike the extremely fragile probiotics in most ordinary yogurt, Super Biotics have been clinically proven to survive the strong acids in our stomachs so that they can actually do their job keeping our digestive and immune systems healthy when we eat right and exercise too." 
Before I got to Red Mango I did a bit of investigation online via social media. As a Social Media Strategist I always spend some time checking out a company's social media presence and strategy to see if they are rocking the social space. Red Mango does a great job keeping their fans engaged and sharing lots of tasty looking photos! I suggest checking them out on Facebook and on Twitter

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, you're in luck. This week Red Mango is having a BOGO special! July 8-12, 2013: BOGO (Buy One Get One) Super Biotic Smoothies! Buy a Super Biotic smoothie of any size and get another Super Biotic smoothie of equal or lesser value FREE. ONLY Poppin’ Boba smoothies are eligible for this offer. No coupon necessary to redeem.

Red Mango is not only delicious but as I mentioned it has many health benefits. This brand new line of smoothie have been formulated to meet the nutritional and dietary needs of today’s health-conscious consumers who find it increasingly important to embrace a wholesome, well-balanced diet.  In addition to the protein, energy, immunity and multivitamin boosts currently available, Red Mango has added four new boosts which have been formulated with natural, wholesome and innovative ingredients: 
  • Metabolic Fit 360™: A proprietary blend of protein, calcium and African Mango which supports metabolic balance and promotes healthy weight management.
  • Dark Chocolate Mate: Finely ground, Brazilian roasted maté and dark chocolate; a delicious, rich, low-calorie flavor which also supplies a nice dose of antioxidants.
  • Tropical Hibiscus: Finely ground, premium Nigerian hibiscus blossoms infused with natural pineapple and lychee; a bright and tropical low-calorie flavor and antioxidant boost.
  • Green Tea Acai: Finely ground, premium green tea with açai berries, the Amazonian superfruit; a low-calorie antioxidant boost made with the best ingredients.

Did you know Red Mango is one of the fastest-growing retailers of all-natural frozen yogurt and fresh fruit smoothies? They just launched 22 brand new super biotic summer smoothies in four lifestyle-centered categories: 
  •  Body Balance: Flavorful and functional yogurt smoothies formulated with beneficial boosts  
  • All Fruit Harmony: Refreshing dairy-free and soy-free smoothies made only with fruit, juice and ice.   
  • Twisted Fruits: Smooth and creamy signature yogurt smoothies offered in new and innovative fruit-forward flavors.  
  • Just Kidd'n: Naturally delicious, snack-sized fruit and yogurt smoothies, blended just for kids.  
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and I am officially a fan!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day of pampering. Ladies, who is in?

Would you like to be my guest to Sassy City Chicks 'Girl's Day Out'? What girl doesn't love a day of pampering? I have 25 special ticket codes to giveaway to the first 25 who contact me!! One of Chicago's premier shopping events.

July 28th 11am-4pm
The Drake Hotel

For more details please check out the event invite here: Girl's Night Out

First 25 lucky girls can join me for free!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swipe...Scam or Brilliant

Yesterday I got the weirdest text message asking me to check out a picture. The catch was that first I had to download some app. First and foremost, I'm nosey so it all sounded like a grand idea. Of course I had to figure out what this picture was. I download this app called, Swipe. Come to find out there is no picture but this is just a tricky way for some company that somehow got my number to get me to download their app.

Shady, but somehow smart because now I keep playing with this app. It is just like Tinder which I have heard a lot about but not used. You just swipe through photos and you give them the X or a heart. Oddly entertaining. If people are a match they message you. I'll get bored and delete it soon but for now this company that somehow stole my phone number has gained my interest.

If you are completely bored and want to get your swipe on then go download it.

Excitement for the holiday!

A four day "vacation" is almost here. Pure excitement is running through my brain. I love to decompress and just take time off to spend it with friends. One more day of work this week and then I am off till next Monday.

I am most looking forward to spending July 4th with a lot of friends at Arlington Park. I do not know what it is about horse racing but it is so fun to watch. Bet a few dollars here or there. Believe me, a few dollars is all this little lady has right now. Have drinks and just enjoy the holidays with friends.

Saturday hanging out with more friends at a House Music Festival on the south side of Chicago. Should be a fun time. It's outdoors near the lake. Which reminds me, I need to get some suntan lotion! My pale skin does not need to burn.

What are you doing for July Fourth? Have a safe and happy holiday!
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