Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snap out of it...

Since this whole unemployment thing begun I can honestly say I have been in the weirdest head space. I'm happy yet overly stressed. The stress comes from lack of money and the happiness comes from the weight lifted that now I can find a job that could make me happy.

The thing with unemployment is that it's not easy OR excited. It's the same ole thing every single day. I'm not good at living the same life every single day in a Groundhogs Day style manor. The thing that has suffered the worse is my gym habit. I just haven't been in the mood to go at all lately, when in fact that is probably something that would really help the most. I plan to give myself a significant kick in the ass to get me back in the gym ASAP. My good eating habits are still pretty much going strong except I definitely cheat sometimes and that just makes me feel like I've wiped all the good away.

One of the hardest things, outside of going to the gym, is job searching every day. I'd equate it to working in an assembly line. Each day I wake up and go through all the tagged websites and apply to new jobs. I hear back from about 1% of them. So far I have had several interviews but I'm finding that a lot of these jobs are totally taking advantage of the unemployed. They want to pay absolutely unacceptable rates. I'd be better off to stay on unemployment at that rate. Which is what I am doing. I am very confident that the right thing is going to come along a lot sooner than later. I'm getting more interviews and more bites lately. Hoping for the best and avoiding the worst!
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