Monday, February 10, 2014

Do you believe astrology can help you make wiser choices?

I have never been one of those people that was intrigued by astrology or followed it religiously. I will read the occasional horoscope, but I don't wait in anticipation for it to come out every day. Although I really have found that I fit most of the Scorpio traits. 

When I heard about FutureStars and their 6 and 12 month reports I was really intrigued. I am all about planning ahead and putting myself in the right state of mind for good things to come my way. So I figured, what better way to do that then get a look into my future. FutureStars offered me the opportunity to try their 6-month report but they also do 12-month reports. What I really loved about the idea was that it wasn't just some general stab in the dark guess because I am a Scorpio, you actually get your own astrology report based on your specific birth chart. The report aims to help you know what is happening around you and when.

With a long-term overview of what planets’ transits are affecting you in your FutureStars report, you can make wiser choices - and keep a low profile when you know everyone, like your boss, will be going crazy! Forewarned, you can understand the types of behavior to undertake - and to avoid - to make your life a positive experience.
Here is an example of my report for this week: 
Neptune square Uranus: 9/02/2014, Exact (in effect 10/01/2014 - 7/03/2014) During this once-in-a-lifetime transit, you may have difficulty separating fact from fantasy. You may be subject to sudden reversals in your mood, and your judgement is more cloudy than usual. You may also be surprised to find that situations and people in your life are not what you've believed them to be. 
Your interest in spiritual, mystical and metaphysical subjects will increase now. Psychic experiences may be unwelcome and unpleasant, as your ability to stay grounded is impaired. The unpleasantness will pass as you gain greater confidence in yourself. This is a good time to practice yoga and meditation as techniques to better ground yourself.  
Each report is around 35 pages long, is emailed within 5 minutes to your inbox and costs $59. You can also order the shorter 3- and 6-month email reports for $29 and $49. It's In The Stars also has a fun range of gift ideas for birthdays and Valentine's Day from luxury reports from $79 to readings with astrologers over the USA from $125.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

5 Things I Learned From Loveology

God. Love. Marriage.Sex.
by Pastor John Mark Comer 

Recently, I was able to take the time to read the soon-to-be-hit Loveology. This book was just released February 4th, but it is sure to be a hit in the book club circuit and with the average Joe who simply loves love. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to dig deeper into god, love, marriage and sex. Without giving too much away I want to share 5 things I learned while reading this book. Don't worry there is way more for you to learn so buy the book!

1. The definition of love itself has become so broad and generic that we have started to lose a true understanding of what love means. John Mark explains that, "love is a noun and a verb", or better yet, "love is a feeling and an action." You have to both take the wheel, and sit in the passenger seat to experience real love.

2. We all know what marriage is, but do we have any clue what marriage is for? John Mark believes that there are four reasons for marriage - friendship, gardening, sexuality and family. We were not created to be alone, marriages creates a lasting friendship that we all deeply need. In life we all need a calling, or a "gardening" project; something that we are working on and working towards. Sexuality is best shared with another, or maybe not if that's your thing, but it is better shared with someone with no inhibitions. John Mark says, "the body is one-half of an equation. It's incomplete." 

3. There are four marks of what a healthy relationship should include on your way to marriage - the chase, the line, the friends and the journey to the day. In order for a relationship to begin a man must first chase, or draw a woman in. John Mark explains that the chase means that the man is, "coaxing her out of hiding. Creating a safe place for her. Calling her into the open." Interestingly enough the friends, means that both friends and family should be able, to not just be there for you during your relationship but freely offer up their opinions on it. 

4. Dating to date is just stupid. One of my favorite snippets from the book, that I wholeheartedly agree with is that, "dating to date is stupid. It's a waste of your heart, and it's a waste of your time. You're not looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. You're looking for a husband or wife." I believe in dating with a purpose, otherwise spend your energy growing yourself.

5. Singleness is a gift. Essentially being single isn't freedom from responsibility, it's freeing you up for more responsibility. I loved reading this because I have always felt that being single gave me the time I needed to build my career. Single isn't something I want to be forever but for now it's necessary to become the person I need to be. 

To get more great insight from John Mark Comer make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter. I enjoyed this book so much I took the opportunity to host a giveaway at a ladies night to pass on the great messages from John Mark. Can't wait to hear the feedback the winner has to share!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Entrepreneur Spotlight - The Honour Society does stylish sporting apparel

Recently, I have found so much inspiration in the stories of other entrepreneurs. It's so exciting to learn the stories behind the businesses you see and support. As a budding entrepreneur, I am all about supporting and promoting others doing great things.

Not too long ago on Twitter, I met Marni Hotchkiss, one of the five owners behind The Honour Society. The Honour Society is this really great small company that specializes in college sports apparel. Not just any sports apparel, but apparel with style! As many of you know, I am a huge Michigan football fan and I am always looking for a way to support and look cute.

The story behind The Honour Society, is one of those traditional hard working, building a company you're passionate about from the ground up stories that I love. Marni is the only female owner in the group, which also includes her husband and three of his friends. Marni said, "my husband and his best friend travel to ACC bball games and are avid Terps fans and that's where this idea started."  There is something so cool about five young sports junkies turned entrepreneurs who work together to create something unique and out of the box that the industry has needed for years. 
Their original product was the FANdora and they started with licenses for only three schools. They are now licensed to sell over 30 colleges including some of the biggest sports favorites such as Michigan, Penn State, Alabama, Auburn, Michigan State and even Ohio State. After the FANdora took off, they started to include new items such as their bags, headwear and scarves.  Their goal is to blend classic tartan, plaid and houndstooth patterns with contemporary consumer products. 

The Honour Society owners believes in organic growth and putting hard work behind growing their brand. They are very active on social media, which of course made me love them right away. Their products can be found in campus bookstores and shops,, and of course Marni told me that they all get so excited when they see their products in the crowd and on major sports networks. 

As you see in the photo above, I am rocking a Michigan infinity scarf from The Honour Society. I fell in love with my new scarf. I own more than enough scarves, as do most women, but this one takes the cake. It's extremely warm and soft. Also, this infinity scarf has a lot of length which is necessary for a good double wrap, whereas most infinity scarves I find leave you feeling like you have a noose on. If you are a big college sports fan such as myself, I recommend that you check them out. Great style and very affordable. When I first visited I wanted to buy the entire Michigan page! Here are a few of my favorites below.

Find Honor Society online at -

Don't forget to find them on social media too! FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram

Friday, January 24, 2014

Stuffed Peppers by Non-Chef Nycole

In an effort to stop ordering out so often I decided to make stuffed peppers tonight. Just like any time I cook, I take a picture for proof that I actually cooked. To my surprise, friends on Facebook, actually wanted to know how I did it. I figured, why not use this opportunity to make another blog post!  I'll be honest, sometimes (a lot) I'm way too lazy to actually follow a recipe so I just make things up on my own.So here we go kids. Learn how to cook like a woman who barely cooks, but can rock it out when I actually do!
Stuffed Peppers (The easy way by a non-chef)

What do you need?
  • 4-6 green peppers 
  • 1 lb of ground turkey meat (or ground beef)
  • Diced tomatoes w/ light sauce OR for those who love sauce just go with a tomato sauce. I didn't want a saucy meal.
  • 1/2 cup of cooked rice. 
  • salt, garlic, oregano and whatever other seasoning you like :)
  • Shredded cheese've got the ingredients. NOW WHAT?!
  1. Preheat the oven to 365 degrees.
  2. Cook your rice and ground meat.
  3. Cut the tops off the peppers and clean the inside out. Put the peppers in a pan to await their filling.
  4. Once the ground meat is ready, drain it. Then put your cooked rice and diced tomatoes or tomato sauce in the pan. 
  5. Add your seasonings. I used light salt, garlic and oregano. 
  6. Give it a stir, make sure it tastes good.
  7. Take the filling and stuff your peppers...get it...that is why it's called stuffed peppers :)
  8. Bake your stuffed peppers for about 40-50 minutes or until green peppers are soft. 
  9. Before you are completely done toss some shredded cheese on top and pop it back in for a final 5 minutes
  10. EAT IT! (duh)
This just goes to show that anyone can cook. These were super simple and really good. Extremely filling too. I got through 3/4 of a big one and I'm switching to stretchy pants.

Not gonna lie, this would have been WAY better with Malbec. Major rookie mistake. How did I not have any wine to drink while I cooked?

Happy Friday Kids!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Technology Has Changed the Face of Dating

Technology is both, the most amazing, and the worst possible thing that could have happened to dating and relationships. With technology came options. On one side of the coin, we now have all of these options that we can utilize to meet new people and get to know them; enter online dating and texting. On the other side of the coin, we have something that consumes our time, makes conversations less personal, and makes infidelity easier to get away with. I have had both positive and negative experiences with technology when it was involved in my dating life. 

I have to say that the best relationship I have had, was with a guy I met online. He lived in another state, but was planning on a move to Chicago, so apparently he started girlfriend looking ahead of time. Gotta love a man that is proactive and thinking ahead, right? Anyhow, we talked every day on the phone, FaceTime and via text. In that time, because we weren’t able to actually hang out, we spent so much time getting to know each other which gave us this amazing bond. I have technology to thank, for not only letting me meet this guy that I otherwise never would have met, but for also helping me talk to and see him every day. When we finally met, about a month into talking and getting to know each other it was completely easy because it felt like I knew everything about him. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t cure distance, and when push came to shove he wasn’t moving here quick enough and we couldn’t travel enough to sustain a relationship. Because of technology, I am open to meeting a guy that lives in another part of the US. I do not think my Mr. Right has to live within a 5 mile radius, I’d never limit myself like that, and with technology I don’t have to.

Now on the flip side, technology can really stunt the dating, or courting process. Texting specifically has taken away a level of personalization and can lead to a lot of meaningless, and repetitive small talk.  When I am getting to know someone online I will move to text messaging rather quickly, which in turn leads to conversation that lacks depth. When texting back and forth with someone, I often times lose interest quickly because our conversation is recycled every day. How many times can you respond to; “good morning”, “how are you doing today”, “how was your day”, and “what are you up tonight” to name just a few of my daily favorites. You can do it for maybe a week and then you’re done. To remedy this, I have been trying to either FaceTime or talk to someone on the phone to gauge their sanity level and then move on to meeting pretty quickly. I like to get meeting out of the way. Once you do it, you know if it’s worth more conversations and more dates.

Oddly enough, for me technology brought someone far away closer to me, but when it comes to men who are close in proximity, who text too much it can lead to me pushing them away. Use technology in your dating life and relationships with caution.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Who says being healthy can't also taste good?

This year I got serious when it came to New Years resolution. My biggest one was implementing new healthy habits into my life. It's been going really well, so far I joined the Shut Up and Train 21 day challenge and I have been juicing as meal replacements. I have also kicked pop from my regular diet. I use to drink pop 2-3 times a week and I've only had it 1 time so far in January! I think the key to my success is just going to be moderation and skimming back not completely knocking things out of my diet. When you totally kick something from your diet, I feel like you crave it so much more.

I have been on a serious hunt for new products that taste good and are also good for you or low calorie. I found two cool new products that are low calorie, and just so happen to be the color of the 2014. Perfect, right? Check out Celsius "Burn More Calories" Drinks and USANA Fudge Delite.

CelsiusYour Negative Calorie Drink, is a great tasting drink for your active, healthy lifestyle. Celsius is the world’s first and only negative calorie drink, backed by multiple clinical studies. Studies show that drinking a great tasting Celsius before exercise helps you burn up to 100 calories and more per serving. It has also shown that it boosts metabolism, reduces body fat, increases endurance and provides lasting energy. Celsius proudly displays on its can that it has no sugar, no aspartame, very low sodium, no artificial preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavors. With all of those benefits, why not give it a try?

USANA Health Sciences brings you a healthy treat for the New Year:  instead of stocking up with unhealthy snacks you find crammed in vending machines or in a local mini mart, satisfy your sweet tooth without eating empty calories. USANA introduces their Protein Snacks: each product in this deliciously tempting line includes at least 11 grams of protein but no more than 180 calories. The new protein snacks are non-GMO, contain no trans fats, and comes in three delicious flavors including Choco ChipPeanutty Bliss, and Fudge Delite. I tried Fudge Delite and it was very chocolaty. If you crave chocolate then this is absolutely for you. I'd be interested in trying the Peanutty Bliss.

What are some of your favorite low calorie treats?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Drink NERGIA for a natural energy boost

As a freelancer who works on multiple projects at a time, not only do I find myself wishing for more hours in a day but I also wish I had a constant flow of energy. Oddly enough, I often find myself jealous of the energy level of my five month old puppy, Maizy. Let’s be honest, I’m no spring chicken. I couldn't pull an all nighter to write a 20 page paper like I did my senior year in college if my life depended on it. Ok well MAYBE if my life depended on it, but you see where I’m going with this. Sometimes, I need a boost of energy to help me stay up late, like I use to in college, when I have a major project or presentation due the next day. I've tried several different energy drinks and coffee, and I always end up with a headache or crashing out. 

Finally, I found a great new product that can give me my much needed energy boost but not leave me feeling like a zombie when it starts to wear off. NERGIA (pronounced: EN-ER-GIA) is new to the scene and provides that boost of energy that we all need from time to time.The best part about it is not just that you can stay up longer, but what you’re putting into your body is all natural. You don’t have to feel like you’re drinking a chemical that can turn your insides bright green. NERGIA is organic and made from Guarana seeds, Açaí berries and Catuaba bark, which have all been sustainably harvested and bottled for a pure boost of clean energy. NERGIA ingredients are sourced from the Brazilian Rainforest where some of the world’s most important botanical resources have been discovered. Which, quite frankly, is pretty darn cool!

A main concern of mine, when trying products like this is the amount of sugar or fake sugar in the product. I do not believe all of the artificial sweeteners that are being forced on us is good for us, and I don't even like how it tastes anyhow. Thankfully, NERGIA uses pure and natural low and no calorie sweeteners. As if the natural ingredients were not enough, the packaging is glass and recyclable. Beyond that the glass packaging prevents the chemical properties of plastic from leaking into the product and our bodies. This product lets you leave the stress of trying to figure out what you really just drank behind.

Right now, you can find NERGIA at, but expect to see it locally soon! Learn more about NERGIA on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

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