Thursday, August 5, 2010

Adventures with Grandma in Chicago & Ohio family time!

Day 1- Saturday, July 17th
Picked grandma up at the train and headed on over to White Palace on Roosevelt/Canal. Yet another place that Shawn put me on to. They have really good breakfast. I love little diners. This one was on some TV show also. Forget the name of it, but that annoying guy that does the Fridays commercials is the host.We then came home and rested before going to the Shedd Aquarium. We valeted so we did not have to wait in the long line outside which had to have been about a 1-2 hour wait. We got in to the Will Call line and that was at least a 30 minute wait. I have heard so many great things about the Shedd so I had high expectations. We went in line and got our tickets and the lady apparently didn't understand English because she did not give me the right ticket so we were unable to get into the big show. All in all I am 100% disappointed in the Shedd. I'd never go back. There was nothing interesting to see and its overcrowded. It really made me dislike kids way more than I ever have before. Dislike their parents way way more because they let their little people run around like chickens with their heads off.

After the Shedd we went home to take a breather and just relax. Finally we decided to go to dinner, we tried Sushi Pink, I had a certificate so I wanted to try it out. It was so so. I doubt I'll go back, there was nothing special about it. Subpar food and choices, I've had much better!! When we were down we headed to Navy Pier, I bought a Sunset Lake Cruise for us to check out the lake. So all was going well until we were driving at like 1mph going up 7 floors in the garage and all of a sudden my car decides overheating would be a good idea. The idiots at Car X (on Irving Park) not only do not fix what they say they do but they make things worse. My car has NEVER overheated until they FIXED the fan. Hmmm that isn't my definition of fixed. So whatever we finally park as the car pointer thing is on the red part so its hot and pissed off. We get to the elevator and IT IS BROKE. So down we go SEVEN flights of stairs. Mind you my grandma is in her early 70s so this was not a good idea at all. We finally got to go on the Sunset Lake Cruise and it was very nice.

Day 2- Sunday, July 18th
Sunday we decided to lay low it was about 99 with the humidity, and who wants to be in that crap. We went to brunch at Stanley's on Racine, not nearly as good as the one on Lincoln. I wouldn't go back to that Stanley's not for brunch anyhow. The weather decided to decline and poor down rain, while maintaining its hot hellish temps.

For dinner we went to Hot Chocolate. I have been here before just for dessert, which was really good.

Day 3- Monday, July 19th
After more car overheating issues my grandma and I took a quick trip to Car X to have them look it over. We stopped at Alps East which is a nice diner to have some breakfast and wait for the car to get looked at. Of course they didn't fix it then. Always drama at Car X. I no longer support them or recommend them at all!!

After car drama was over it was time for the fun to begin. We took a trip to the Skydeck. Keep in mind I'm super afraid of heights but I thought this was something that would be really fun! We went and even walked out onto the Ledge. Lots of fun!! After that we needed a phenomenal dinner so we went to La Scarola which is by far my favorite place to eat in the entire city. I love their Salmon and meal in the entire city!!

Day 4- Tuesday, July 20th
What an end to a great trip! We started with La Peep for breakfast. Very very hard to find parking but when we finally did breakfast was good. We then went back home to relax. Had some pizza for lunch and got everything and packed ready to go. So I called a cab and they didnt send one so I had to walk to the street and wait 10 minutes to grab one. We JUST made it to Amtrak with only 3 minutes till the train would have left without us. Very scary!!

I then spent about 5 days home in Ohio with family and had a great time! Spent a lot of time with my mom and my sister Callie. It was great to see her and her new place. Did some shopping.

I also got to spend time with friends from BGSU who I had not seen since Homecoming 2004. YIKES!! I cannot believe I let it go that long. I am so disappointed in myself. We had such a great time hanging out and having LOTS of drinks downtown Cleveland!

Here is a picture of my friend Loren and Doria!!

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