Monday, February 3, 2014

Entrepreneur Spotlight - The Honour Society does stylish sporting apparel

Recently, I have found so much inspiration in the stories of other entrepreneurs. It's so exciting to learn the stories behind the businesses you see and support. As a budding entrepreneur, I am all about supporting and promoting others doing great things.

Not too long ago on Twitter, I met Marni Hotchkiss, one of the five owners behind The Honour Society. The Honour Society is this really great small company that specializes in college sports apparel. Not just any sports apparel, but apparel with style! As many of you know, I am a huge Michigan football fan and I am always looking for a way to support and look cute.

The story behind The Honour Society, is one of those traditional hard working, building a company you're passionate about from the ground up stories that I love. Marni is the only female owner in the group, which also includes her husband and three of his friends. Marni said, "my husband and his best friend travel to ACC bball games and are avid Terps fans and that's where this idea started."  There is something so cool about five young sports junkies turned entrepreneurs who work together to create something unique and out of the box that the industry has needed for years. 
Their original product was the FANdora and they started with licenses for only three schools. They are now licensed to sell over 30 colleges including some of the biggest sports favorites such as Michigan, Penn State, Alabama, Auburn, Michigan State and even Ohio State. After the FANdora took off, they started to include new items such as their bags, headwear and scarves.  Their goal is to blend classic tartan, plaid and houndstooth patterns with contemporary consumer products. 

The Honour Society owners believes in organic growth and putting hard work behind growing their brand. They are very active on social media, which of course made me love them right away. Their products can be found in campus bookstores and shops,, and of course Marni told me that they all get so excited when they see their products in the crowd and on major sports networks. 

As you see in the photo above, I am rocking a Michigan infinity scarf from The Honour Society. I fell in love with my new scarf. I own more than enough scarves, as do most women, but this one takes the cake. It's extremely warm and soft. Also, this infinity scarf has a lot of length which is necessary for a good double wrap, whereas most infinity scarves I find leave you feeling like you have a noose on. If you are a big college sports fan such as myself, I recommend that you check them out. Great style and very affordable. When I first visited I wanted to buy the entire Michigan page! Here are a few of my favorites below.

Find Honor Society online at -

Don't forget to find them on social media too! FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram

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