Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

When I was little I use to love the winter and the snow. Being bundled up in a snowsuit out in the cold weather with my grandparents and our dogs was the best. My grandparents have sled dogs, kind of like Alaska and the Iditarod. That reference usually creates the light bulb over the head moment for most. So I grew up traveling during winter weekends to different sled dog races in below zero temps. It was great to be a part of it, and such a unique experience.

 Winter use to be great, use to is the key word. As an adult I struggle to enjoy anything about the cold weather and snow. I honestly think the only salvageable positive qualities of the winter is cute winter coats, and cute boots. Chicago got hit with a medium snowstorm the other day, about 6-8 inches. From that small amount, I got stuck in my parking lot and had to miss work. Now this past week was by far the word week I've had at work since I've started almost two years ago so a day off wasn't the worst thing possible. The worst thing about it was the lazy maintenance staff and management of the apartment complex. I love how they choose not to clean snow until noon, really what good is it at noon. People have to go to work and if we're stuck till noon we've already had to take the day off!! I can't stand a neglectful landlord!! I can't wait to move from here. 

I digress, point being is that winter has never bothered me so much as it has this year. I wonder if a move to somewhere warm is in my future. Or maybe I just need someone to enjoy the winter months and festivities with. I can't imagine leaving Chicago, so maybe someone to enjoy this crazy weather with would be nice!! I really want to learn to snowboard, I need a partner in crime for that.
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